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• Digital Marketing Business with Tremendous ROI potential...often a 100% return on invested capital in 9 -12 months. Then, recurring revenue, the Holy Grail of any business venture. Low cost to operate with incredible gross margins. This business can be run inexpensively out of a home office or executive suite environment.

• As a Affiliate, here’s the “Value Proposition" You'll be Offering Your Prospective Clients: "How would you like to receive 5 times more traffic to your Website at typically one-third of the cost you're paying now for your Google Paid Search (PPC) ads?" Our firm, offers its clients a money-back guarantee: First page placement on Google and the other major search engines with multiple keyword phrases in 90 days, or you'll receive a 100% refund. GMP's pricing is published and no long-term contracts are required!"

• GMP's Credentials: In business 16 years, GMP has served over 11,000 clients with 100% client success. Over the past five years, GMP has a 93% client retention rate. To date, GMP has trained a number of successful Affiliates who are now making lucrative livings helping people get more traffic to their company Websites for less cost than they were paying Google. View Affiliate Testimonials Here: 

• Immense Potential Market: There are some 1.2 billion Websites globally...with roughly 43% (516 million Websites) in America. Your potential market is HUGE and territorially unrestricted.

• Competition: Zero competition with respect to GMP's methodologies and proprietary "Tracker" software system that achieves and maintains multiple 1st page search engine listings.

• No technical Experience Required: All we desire is your ability to sell Internet marketing services. GMP handles all the technical aspects of the business.

• Training & Mentoring: In an initial 3-day training class we teach you the business we have mastered. We'll build you a Website and then mentor you for a year and even give you 1,000+ qualified leads for people that are paying excessively for Google placement in PPC Ads.

• Fully Automated: Ease and convenience for the Affiliate, and no more stressful daily PPC management required by the Affiliates' clients. This frees up their valuable time!

• Financing is Available! We are running an exciting promotion at present. Be sure to ask about it...that is if I don't beat you to the punch telling you. 
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