The Better Way
To Sell a Business or Franchise 

Koselo Helps Sellers:

Talk to More Buyers

By having us write your ad and post it on all
the best websites  - Multiple responses, inevitable.

Remain Confidential

From strategic advertisements to Non-Disclosure
Documents  - We Protect Your Business.

Have More Time

With Koselo handling the entire sales process, 
You will be able to focus on what you do best.

Have More Money

With no broker fee you will have
Thousands of extra dollars.

Have Everything Done Right

With an experienced team at your service,
Nothing will fall through the cracks.

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Koselo Helps Buyers:
Buy At The Best Price

Our Sellers are ready to sell at the right price.

No Middleman

With no broker or broker fee you will save
Thousands of dollars on your purchase.

All The Paperwork

Our team of attorneys has all the paper work
ready - from offers to closing the sale.

Lending Support

Need Lending? We will make the financing 
process painless!

Find The Right Business

Don't see the business you like? We can find 
you exactly what you want!
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Why Choose Koselo

To Save Thousands and Have An Expert

Leave the selling and buying process to us, so you can focus on what you do best

We are changing the business sales industry for the better. No more 8% - 12% broker fees. 
No more lack of massive action during the process of selling or buying a business

We are ready to go to work to help you buy or sell a business

Together, let's get you on to the next phase of your life
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